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"Connecting educators and learners with the world of digitized knowledge."


An endorsement for the purpose of universal advancement in K-12 Education



All students and teachers will benefit from having Always-On Real Time Access to adequate bandwidth and the Internet;

Most of the world's knowledge has been digitized;

Even as students are falling further behind 20th century educational requirements, societies worldwide are demanding a revolution in 21st Century K12 education;

The most fundamental processes and infrastructure of that revolution are now clear, and have been sufficiently tested in real classrooms worldwide to have gained our support;

The implementation of these processes and infrastructure are now generally affordable and accessible, with ample products and support from the OER and vendor community;

Failing to implement this Initiative will cause continuing harm to students, society, and the domestic and global economy;


Therefore, we, the undersigned persons and groups, urge our leaders in education, at every level, to make all reasonable effort to implement this new educational platform without delay, so that our teachers and students may participate in the revolution in education and knowledge now under way.


Specifically, we recognize these processes and infrastructure, the AORTA Education Platform, as being critical in implementing this Initiative:


The AORTA1 Education Platform

Other external interests and goals notwithstanding, we are in agreement that the AORTA Education Platform describes the first step toward enabling our vision for education in this century:

  1. Provide adequate bandwidth and Internet access to all schools, calculated on a per - student basis. The last, in-class distribution of this bandwidth must be wireless.

  2. Provide access to Internet-connected computing devices of a minimum design requirement2 for all students.

  3. Provide adequate training and professional development for ALL teachers transitioning to this program, with the goals of integration into all facets of education throughout the school day and contributing to educators' professional growth.

  4. Provide sufficient instructional content, assessment, reference material, productivity tools, secure communication tools, delivery platforms and support for use of the Internet-connected computing devices, aligned to the local education standards to be a part of every minimum implementation.

  5. Provide schools with adequate technical support for device and system maintenance, and teachers with adequate informational support for online curriculum development assistance.

  6. Provide means-dependent-priced bandwidth at student homes to allow all students universal access to online systems during off-school hours.

  7. Include all relevant parties - the parental community, the students, the boards of education, and the administrative staff - in this conversion process, in order to ensure ongoing support from these critical constituencies.

Our goal is to make the technology "transparent" and to re-emphasize the aspects of teaching, pedagogy and learning which benefit from equally connecting all teachers and students with the world's knowledge base.

By our endorsement, we urge all policy makers and local and national leaders in education to adopt this program as an immediate top priority. Based on many years of study and observation, we believe that almost all other educational priorities will be addressed and advanced by implementing the points of this manifesto, and that execution of all six points will greatly enhance the success rate of implementation. The time for argument and divisive delay is over. Let us build the future classroom we all agree upon, so that we can move forward with new models in curricula, teaching, and learning.


1 AORTA: Always-On Real Time Access
2 Inkwell Minimum Design Requirements:


Date of this version: 6.20.12

For questions and information, please contact:
Mark Anderson
CEO, Strategic News Service and Chair, SNS Project Inkwell
38 Yew Lane
Friday Harbor, WA 98250
Ph. 360 378 3431


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Frank Catalano Principal Intrinsic Strategy January 6, 2012
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Scott Gardner Senior Analyst The Linley Group June 29, 2012
TS Vreeland Director OpenVES June 29, 2012
Robert Iskander CEO EduTone June 29, 2012
Thomas Greaves CEO The Greaves Group, LLC July 1, 2012
Robert Hadley Principal - Hadley Properties, LLC Board Member - Westside School, Seattle July 2, 2012
Bruce Wilcox Vice President Carolina Science Online July 2, 2012
Tim DiScipio Founder ePals July 2, 2012
Matthew Greenfield Managing Director Rethink Education July 27, 2012
Patrick Hogan World Wind Project Manager NASA July 27, 2012
Adam Aronson Co-Organizer NYEdTech Meetup July 30, 2012
Art Bardige CEO Sustainablearning August 2, 2012
Tom Rabon Chairman and Partner New Kind August 3, 2012
Heather Gilchrist Program Director Socratic Labs August 6, 2012
Kathy Hurley EVP Education Alliances Pearson Foundation August 30, 2012
Philip Ronchetti Founder 3RPlus Corp September 24, 2012
Toby Welch Independent educator Independent Schools December 16, 2012
Kimberly Adams Instructional Technology Coordinator Virginia Beach City Public Schools January 28, 2013
Mark Joraanstad Superintendent Saddle Mountain Unified School District #90 August 7, 2014